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Amazing custom job for Emma and Steve!

Emma and Steve wanted something a little unique for their wedding invitations – something that would really express who they were both individually and as a couple. After lots of chatting, I discovered they had traveled together extensively, but I wanted to avoid the types of travel-inspired invitations that I have seen so much of in the last few years. I wanted their design to be more about their adventures together, rather than travel-themed in general. So, the idea finally came about to design a fold out invitation that takes the guest on a little journey through their lives together, including their engagement in Canada, and ending up at their upcoming wedding.

I had so much fun designing their invitations and creating each little illustration for their fold-out, travel inspired design. What they ended up with was completely unique to them and so personal.

I also designed some on-the-day items, including a paper fortune teller favour that explained the couple’s donations to various charities on behalf of their guests, in place of a traditional favour. There was also an order of service and the cake topper figures and sign (including their dog!) were also hand painted by me.











The last few photos are by Andrew Billington Photography




An Ink Love baby shower!

This was new ground for Ink Love – baby showers! I styled the party and created or sourced the decorations for the day and it turned out to be just fabulous. The items created included stickers for sweet bags, labels for bottles (which I also sourced for the day), cut outs of the characters and banners to decorate the room, as well as quizzes for the guests! I also sourced paper straws, paper pom pom decorations and amazing hand made cakes to fit the Peter Rabbit theme. Not only that, the mum was so pleased, I went on to design the Christening invitations for the little girl!

Check out the photos below to see what I created.





The very first Ink Love Styled Wedding!

I’m very pleased to show you photos from a wedding that I recently styled! Kelly and Phil are a gorgeous couple who asked me to help them put together their decorations for their big day after I designed their invites for them. Phil is a librarian and Kelly is a teacher and both are nature lovers and bird spotters in their spare time. After creating the Library Love collection just for them, I went on to design them a table plan and then took items they had collected from charity shops, along with some of my own items, and created 12 unique table centre pieces to go with their theme. I also designed their “embroidery hoop” bird table signs and took on the flower arranging and place settings for each person. Along with that, I designed some cute library cards inside individual pockets that were used as escort cards for each person. The whole thing came together beautifully and the bride and groom were utterly delighted with the end results.

The pictures tell it much better so I shall leave you with them to peruse 🙂

Karen-Massey-Photography-022 P8097495 P8097497 P8097499 P8097501 P8097505 P8097506 P8097507 P8097508 P8097509 P8097510 P8097513 P8097514 P8097515 P8107668 P8107694

New ideas – vintage movie posters with your faces!

So I came up with this idea recently when I was creating some doctored versions of movie posters for someone’s table plan. At that point I was only changing the names on the posters, but I thought how fun it would be to actually change the faces, too.

As I am currently engaged to be wed myself, I had a go using some photos I already had of my fiancé and me. I think they turned out pretty good! Expect to see them for sale on the site soon!

Cassie x

Art Deco is the word in wedding invitations for 2013!

Woo, it has sure been a while! Things have been amazing lately though – so much to tell! Firstly, I went to EWE – the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza – which was amazing! So much fun and so many great people there. My lovely friend and wedding hair stylist extraordinaire Cherry came along to help me out, which was great. I love this blog entry about EWE, by the fabulous photography team at Toast.

We had loads of fun there and met some great people. EWE is an amazing wedding fair and I cannot wait for the next one!

The most fun thing I have been doing lately though is BESPOKE JOBS. Oh yes; I sure do love that bespoke work. And there’s been plenty of it lately. Art deco seems to be a real trend for 2013 and I’ve had two art deco inspired commissions lately. One is for a couple who are getting married at Fazeley Studios in Bham, where the marvelous EWE was held! They are a very cool couple who are having their own private film screening at the Electric Cinema as part of the reception. The Electric is an amazing art deco luxury cinema, where you can watch a movie from a sofa and get served drinks by waiters. Wow. So, I designed the suite with an art deco feel and created a little camera logo that can be used throughout the suite and on the day. The invites also feature metallic silver ink, which on the textured card has a very subtle metallic sheen and adds a touch of class to the event.

Art Deco Cinema Ticket Invitations

Art Deco Cinema Ticket Invitations

Art Deco Cinema Ticket Invitations

The other art deco invitation delight on the list is a real beaut. They wanted to use Cadbury’s purple as one of their colours, and for the secondary colour, I unknowingly chose the colour of the moment – mint. Mint has been on everyone’s trend list for 2013 weddings. It’s not hard to see why – it is beautiful. So I was very pleased to see I was on trend with this invite! We went for simple elegance and cute typography for this one. I can’t show you the whole thing yet, because they haven’t sent them out yet and I don’t want to spoil the surprise! But here’s a sneak preview…

Other than that, customised illustrations are where it is at! I’ve been doing lots and lots of lovely invitations for people all over the world, and creating customised illustrations of them, their venues, their outfits and even their pets! I can’t tell you how much I love doing these jobs. Here are a few of my favourites from the past year.

And I’m happy to say, I have lots of great news in my personal life! My dad is having a busy year this year. He’s getting married AND retiring! So I was lucky enough to be able to create invitations for both of these happy events. They chose a combination of my Forest Friends and Country Fete invitation styles and it was fun to illustrate them 🙂 For the retirement do invite, we went for a bespoke typography based vintage looking design, because my dad is a bit vintage…

My first attempt at wooden peg doll cake toppers

I’ve had a lovely day today doing something new (which I always love) and as a surprise (which is also ace)!

My boyfriend’s stepsister is getting married in 2 weeks and his mum is making the cake. Having seen these sorts of painted peg doll cake toppers elsewhere, I thought maybe I could create them myself. So, pencil in hand, paintbrushes at the ready, I had a go! The pictures below should explain it pretty well.

Bespoke invitation illustration goes crazy!

I’ve been having so much fun lately doing bespoke jobs for people. Most of them are the “village fete” invitation, customised to contain an illustration of the couple’s venue, which I’ve found challenging at times (churches are especially fiddly!) but it’s so much fun to see them come to life. Here are a couple of examples.

I’ve also created seasonal versions of my forest design – an autumn version, with the usual owl, rabbit, squirrel and autumnal colours, and a winter version for a Canadian couple, with an evergreen pine tree, pine cones, snow and a Cardinal bird, which is native to Canada. I just love how that one turned out.

Holly and Jamie’s gorgeous French folk invites

Oooh they’re here, they’re here! That is pretty much what I do when one of my print jobs arrive, which is pretty often, so I spend a lot of time being excited 🙂

I totally love them. I hope they do too!

Bespoke jobs and a lovely write up

Ooh so many lovely things going on at the moment! I’m currently doing a bespoke job for a very lovely Canadian client who recently got married in a fabulous location – a beautiful old mansion house surrounded by beautiful greenery. After the wedding, they wanted a momento of their big day, so they asked if I could create a bespoke version of my “Village Fete” design that they could have as a print for their home. I’m loving creating this illustration and am pretty pleased with the results so far! You can also see the images I had to work from – what a fabulous couple and a beautiful wedding, all pulled together by the bride, Sadia. You can also see her spin off Etsy shop, Red Cloud Boutique, that she’s created since her wedding.

I’ve also had a lovely feature over at the wondrous Festival Brides where I feel right at home 🙂

Another bespoke job has just been completed and is with the printers as we speak – a gorgeous folksy number for a wedding to be held at a tumble down chateau in France. Ooh la la…

Man I love my job 😀

Kate and Andy take their invites to Paris!

Wow, was I chuffed to pieces when I saw these stunning photographs…you may or may not know that I was recently a bridesmaid for my lifelong friend, Kate Horlor, who just happens to work for Wedding TV! Weirdly, we’ve never really talked “shop” before, but when she told me she was getting married, I just knew I wanted to design her invites for her.

Designing for friends can be scary. When I design for a couple, I sort of have to distill their personality and relationship down to simple elements that I can use, but when you’ve known someone for about 23 years, it’s very difficult to do that! There’s also the fact that you desperately want to get it right for them, because you care about them.

I’ve absolutely loved working with Kate on her invitations, and being her bridesmaid. It’s given us time to hang out again, which is something we hadn’t had enough of lately, what with life getting in the way all the time! As Kate only had a couple of months to organise her big day, The Wedding Community (as I like to call them) rallied round and she had so much help from so many lovely people, many of whom I shall be posting about in the next few weeks.

So anyway, back to these photos! Before they got married, Kate and Andy won a fabulous engagment photoshoot in Paris, with the super-talented Anneli Marinovich. The pictures have been posted recently, and you can go see them all here – there are three separate posts for them! And oh my, are they beautiful…

And I was over the moon to see they took their invites with them! Anneli has graciously given me permission to show you some of these amazing shots. I hope you love them as much as I do…