Kate and Andy take their invites to Paris!

Wow, was I chuffed to pieces when I saw these stunning photographs…you may or may not know that I was recently a bridesmaid for my lifelong friend, Kate Horlor, who just happens to work for Wedding TV! Weirdly, we’ve never really talked “shop” before, but when she told me she was getting married, I just knew I wanted to design her invites for her.

Designing for friends can be scary. When I design for a couple, I sort of have to distill their personality and relationship down to simple elements that I can use, but when you’ve known someone for about 23 years, it’s very difficult to do that! There’s also the fact that you desperately want to get it right for them, because you care about them.

I’ve absolutely loved working with Kate on her invitations, and being her bridesmaid. It’s given us time to hang out again, which is something we hadn’t had enough of lately, what with life getting in the way all the time! As Kate only had a couple of months to organise her big day, The Wedding Community (as I like to call them) rallied round and she had so much help from so many lovely people, many of whom I shall be posting about in the next few weeks.

So anyway, back to these photos! Before they got married, Kate and Andy won a fabulous engagment photoshoot in Paris, with the super-talented Anneli Marinovich. The pictures have been posted recently, and you can go see them all here – there are three separate posts for them! And oh my, are they beautiful…

And I was over the moon to see they took their invites with them! Anneli has graciously given me permission to show you some of these amazing shots. I hope you love them as much as I do…

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